Video: Work Life Balance Mindset

Work and Life balance can be a messy experience because the demands and desires in both work and life are always vying for dominance. The struggle can be challenging and requires our attention. Productivity expert Cathy Sexton shares personal and professional examples of what entrepreneurs experience as we learn to build and grow our businesses, including the roles stress and balance play in the quality of our relationships, energy and outcomes.

When stress hits us, we may fail to have a personal or family life in which the needs of others and ourselves are being considered mindfully or managed well. Cathy Sexton describes the role our mind and actions play on our wellbeing. In this presentation, she provides information on:

  • Our conscious choices – 10% on the surface
  • Our subconscious beliefs – 90% under the surface
  • Our fixed mindset – when we are focusing on limiting beliefs, negativity, inability to see the possibilities, and fearful thoughts about what is new or different
  • Our growth mindset – when we are looking at everything as if it is a bright future, believing it can be better and what we want it to be, being optimistic, seeing the new as possibilities and opportunities and facing challenges with hope
  • Our consequences of working too hard
  • Our attitude - How we approach a situation, what we focus on, and what we decide about a situation and about ourselves and our clients and families can be positioned in a negative, fixed state.
  • Our need to rejuvenate and re-energize
  • Our control over the ways we make and use our time, energy, money, and minds

Cathy helped each person in the audience to identify their highest values and recognize the importance of living from them. During this presentation, she opens up her heart in a vulnerable manner to express the importance of paying attention to what matters most so your decision-making is easy to live with and is informing your choices.

Cathy Sexton is founder and CEO of The Productivity Experts and a nationally recognized expert and speaker on productivity. To gain further support and information, contact Cathy at or 314 267-3969


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