Video: Work Life Balance

What helps anyone, anytime, with almost anything? Figure out what you want and ask for it! Watch and learn how to do this more often.

Human Systems expert Judy Ryan provides clarity around the connection between emotional intelligence and keeping healthy work/life and balance. In this presentation, she provides information on:

  • Accessing wisdom through self-awareness and self-management
  • Learning how to empathize and be in authentic community with others in a manner that provides support to all parties
  • Consequences when people are not addressing work/life balance
  • Three priorities relationships to manage in order to create balance in your life
  • How to consistently make accountable, mindful choices based on your autonomy, awareness of your power, and internal motivation
  • Leveraging your purpose and values to come back to balance within yourself and with others so you don’t operate from fear

Judy Ryan is the owner of LifeWork Systems. She is an award-winning trainer, consultant, coach, keynote presenter and columnist. Judy works with progressive thought leaders, executives and change agents who want to succeed by building healthy culture and highly productive teams. If you would like Judy Ryan’s support, you can reach her at, visit her website or call her at 314.239.4727

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