Why Effective Communications?

Most of us think we are good communicators just because we do so much of it. Often we are failing miserably at it and need to understand important decisions and actions are needed to succeed.

Sales Expert Bill Prenatt opens his presentation reminding the audience that most people do not set out to fail. He asserts failure is the result of missing or inadequate human system that can be analyzed and corrected. In his talk, Bill shares lessons learned over the many years he managed a team of over a hundred sales people in a four-state region. He shares his wisdom by humbly seeking to understand his part in failed communications and what he learned as he committed to make improvements.

In his talk, Bill reminds us that we use only 10% of our brain potential and by studying the impacts of systems, we can greatly reducing the gap between what we are capable of and what we accomplish. Here are just some of his observations and recommendations:

  • Take responsibility yourself first and you will discover how to help yourself and others
  • Be precise and specific when giving instructions
  • Use systems to manage successful communication
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the unconscious mind and how to leverage it
  • Remember decisions are based on emotions so make sure your communications address emotions first
  • Take into consideration the programming and beliefs you or others have so you are able to recognize communication disconnects
  • Proactively create and adopt sustainable habits to improve your communications
  • Promote optimism and abundance thinking and speaking
  • Refrain from blaming people or circumstances or allowing others to do so
  • Be aware of emotional contagion and stop the negative when you see it
  • Finish what you start and start fewer things
  • Create a plan, then organize, prioritize and complete things using a deadline
  • Ask yourself straightforward and meaningful questions that keep you and others inspired (he lists some great ones!)
  • Be sure to follow the formula of setting expectations, inspecting what you expect, and providing for consequences
  • Study best practices such as the 7 levels of communication

Bill ends his presentation focusing on the importance of developing and maintaining high trust through shared values, meaningful goals and personal integrity. He states that when we are not consistently trustworthy, we experience challenges and that we all need to become self-aware through other trusting people who will show us what we are unconscious about. He concludes that only those who want to improve communications will do so and it is highly worthwhile to own this responsibility.

Bill Prenatt is CEO of Simply Successful and Executive Director of e4e. If you are interested in learning more about the art and science of taking control of your life, contact Bill at bill.prenatt@simplysuccessful-llc.com. He will always have a generosity of spirit and much practical wisdom to share.


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