Why You Should Add Webinars Into Your Marketing Mix

If you’re not using webinars to position your message in front of a wider audience, you’re missing out on a number of opportunities.

When done right, webinars can serve as a fantastic platform to deliver your message and position your business as a leader and expert.

Though there are a slew of benefits that come along with a properly constructed webinar, let’s focus on three of the big ones for now.

1.    You can scale your message and brand.

Because they are virtual, webinars give you the opportunity to present in front of a massive audience.

Think of the challenges you’d face in getting hundreds of people to show up to a local speaking event you put together.  Most businesses simply couldn’t do it.

But with webinars, you attract people from all over the world.  Further, the resistance from prospects is far lower, as they don’t have to make travel arrangements.

People are accustomed to attending webinars, and won’t think twice about signing up for yours as long as the message is dialed in to their needs.

2.    You can automate webinars.

Speaking at in-person events is an irreplaceable experience.  But is it feasible to speak at multiple events, every single week of the year?

Only for professional speakers. For businesses seeking to generate leads and revenue, it’s not a feasible option. But with webinars, it’s not just feasible.  It’s easy.

A number of products allow you to automate your webinars so prospects discover and consume your presentations literally every day of the week.  Imagine you had informational webinars constantly running on autopilot; how would that impact your sales?

3.    Webinars Are One of the Best Ways to Build Your Email List

You know growing your email list is critical to your success.  Unfortunately, most businesses struggle with building a list consistently.

Webinars are one of the most effective forms of list building you’ll find.  Studies have shown webinars are one of the most favored forms of not just online learning, but all learning methods.
In other words, many of your prospects are more interested in attending webinars than they are in reading articles, attending in person events, or any of the other plethora of sources.

By signing up for your webinar, the registrant gives you permission to add them to your email list.
The growth of your list is then only limited by the effectiveness of your marketing.  (Yes, you still have to have a strategy for getting people to sign up!)


Although launching a webinar takes a commitment and investment of time in the beginning, you’ll find it to be well worth it.

Attracting a captive audience to share your story, position your expertise, and highlight your offerings is something most sales people strive for.  With webinars, you can do it every day in front of a much larger audience.

Instead of one-on-one selling, or small group presentations, over time your webinar is seen by thousands.


Josh Turner is the founder of LinkedSelling, a B2B marketing firm helping companies systematically build relationships with prospects, turning them from cold into warm leads. Tools they use to achieve this include LinkedIn, webinars, content and email. Please visit LinkedSelling.com for more information.


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