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Video: Fear of Public Speaking

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. Over 75% of people have it to some degree. In his funny, colorful and information-packed presentation, expert Fred Miller helps to build speaking confidence and mastery.

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Video: Fear of Public Speaking

By Fred Miller

July 9, 2015

Just like making a cake from scratch, Fred Miller provides the recipe for about how to minimizes discomfort and increase the likelihood for consistent success when entering into public speaking engagements. In a humorous and practical manner everyone leaves this presentation with many new strategies and tools to apply and benefit from immediately. To learn more...

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Delegating for Growth

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Wednesday - July 15, 2015

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Wednesday - August 19, 2015


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Each of the Experts in e4e, and they are Experts in their field, have shared their knowledge and experiences with the entire membership. The advice and suggestions I’ve received from the partners is easily thousands of dollars beyond the financial investment I made.

Fred Miller, Speaker, Coach, Author

What Others Are Saying

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I continue to be impressed with the quality of leadership and expertise that makes up this organization. Several times our company asked for and received advice on various business aspects that we feel will make us even more successful as a company moving forward... I would encourage you to reach out to the experts within this group. It has been worth our while and I know it will be for you as well.

Jim Canada, Managing Partner, Alliance Technologies

What Others Are Saying

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Being a part of Experts 4 Entrepreneurs has been invaluable for my business, as well as my personal development. Had I not joined e4e, it’s doubtful I would be where I’m at today. In the past year my revenue has doubled, and I can...

Josh Turner, Founder - Linked University, Linked Selling

What Others Are Saying

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Experts for Entrepreneurs (e4e) is a holistic community of caring, talented and generous experts helping businesses run, grow and thrive. As both a small business owner and e4e Partner, I know how critical it is to have the right support in order to provide the finest quality services. e4e’s motto, “Don’t fly alone,” supports my vision to work with other dedicated thought leaders in order to bring about and accelerate positive change.

Judy Ryan, Founder, LifeWork Systems

What Others Are Saying

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Wow! Has it only been a couple of years since I met Bill Prenatt, Mason Duchatschek and the partners at e4e? Through e4e I have met some of the most sharing and smart people here in St. Louis. These new business and personal relationships I've developed are deep and wide. The fact that many of these relationships are financially rewarding is great...

Karen Hoffman, Founder, City of Experts

What Others Are Saying

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For the first time in 55 years in business, I have nearly all the resources, knowledge, skills and competencies I need to be successful from Experts for Entrepreneurs (e4e) and my personal experience bank. e4e has become my “master mind” group...

Stephen Hager, Co-Founder, The Hadron Group

What Others Are Saying

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Experts 4 Entrepreneurs has been an exceptional resource for me and my clients. As a marketing consultant It’s important for me to have reliable people on hand who can help my clients at a high level of expertise in different areas. It’s been a joy for me to serve my clients by bringing people into our project that I know and trust. Within the e4e community I’ve found great people who can get results.

Steve Smart, Marketing Consultant

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